Guided by Our Loved Ones by Rev. Yuki Sugahara

Dharma message by Rev. Yuki Sugahara delivered for the Berkeley Buddhist Temple Hoonko service in November 2020.

Over 800 years ago, Shinran Shonin shared his understanding of the Pure Land Buddhist path as one of going and returning, of moving toward enlightenment and then returning to guide other beings as a Buddha. This path is an opportunity for us to be guided by all those who have come before, grateful that we will ultimately join them to guide others. Thank you to our guest speaker, Rev. Yuki Sugahara of Oregon Buddhist Temple, for his dharma message.

Scripture quotes:

15 The Treatise on the Pure Land states:
Concerning “the fifth gate of emergence”: With great compassion, one observes all sentient beings in pain and affliction, and assuming various transformed bodies to guide them, enters the gardens of birth-and-death and the forests of blind passions; freely sporting there with transcendent powers, one attains the state of teaching and guiding. This is brought about by the directing of virtue through the power of the Primal Vow; it is called “the fifth gate of emergence.”

CWS Pg 158 –

Reverently contemplating the true essence of the Pure Land way, I see that Amida’s directing of virtue to sentient beings has two aspects: the aspect for our going forth to the Pure Land and the aspect for our return to this world. 

CWS pg 7

My life has now reached the fullness of its years. It is certain that I will go to birth in the Pure Land before you, so without fail I will await you there.

CWS pg 539

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