Beyond Like or Dislike By Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara

“In our everyday lives, we judge everything around us, often sorting people and experiences into Likes and Dislikes. Our Buddhist teachings suggest that we turn our perspective inward to consider whether we are truly listening. Upon reflection, we realize that we are surrounded by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, giving us guidance in various ways. “

Dharma Talk recorded in November 2020 at Berkeley Buddhist Temple

Scripture quotes:

Those who reach the Pure Land of peace and harmony
Return to this world of the five defilements,
Where, like the Buddha Sakyamuni,
They benefit sentient beings without limit.

Jōdo Wasan 20 (CWS, p. 329)

Born on isolated islands scattered like millet in the sea,
He spread the teaching of the nembutsu;
In order to guide sentient beings,
He came into this world many times

Koso Wasan 113 (CWS p. 390)

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