Living A Shin Buddhist Life – by Rev. Harry Bridge

“Living A Shin Buddhist Life” Dharma Talk given by Reverend Harry Bridge, resident minister of the Oakland Buddhist Church, at the Oregon Buddhist Temple for the Ho-Onko service on Sunday January 13, 2019.

This content is from Oregon Buddhist Temple

The Oregon Buddhist Temple is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon and is affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America. Our temple follows Jodo Shinshu (also known as Shin) Buddhism, a sect in the Pureland stream of Mahayana Buddhism. Shin is the largest Buddhist sect in Japan with 10 schools and approximately 25 million adherents.

We livestream weekly services on Sundays at 10am/PT and post daily morning sessions at 8am/PT.

The Oregon Buddhist welcomes all people, regardless of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, and political or religious affiliation.


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