The Impact of Nembutsu Teachings on Our Humility and Confidence by Rev. Kenneth Tanaka

This Dharma talk is part of the Tsukiji Hongwanji Dharma Service series. Rev. Kenneth Tanaka delivers a talk titled “Shinran Shonin was Humble, but was he Confident?: The Impact of Nembutsu Teachings on Our Humility and Confidence” In Japanese: 親鸞聖人は謙虚だったが、自信はお持ちだった? ー 念仏の教えがもたらす謙虚さと自信 ー


Kenneth TANAKA
Prof. Emeritus, Musashino University
武蔵野大学名誉教授 ケネス田中

Jewels: An Introduction to American Buddhism for Youth,
Scouts and the Young at Heart
(With a Bit of Humor)
by Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka

Published by BDK America or the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (the distributors of The Teaching of Buddha in hotels), the new book is now available in the following ways:

(Available throughout the World) The PDF version: It can be downloaded free of charge by going to:

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