Grasped and Never Abandoned by Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara

“Jodo Shinshu is a Buddhist path in which we become aware of Amida Buddha’s care, compassion and guidance by deeply listening to the teachings. Within our lives, we are taken care of by others, and later care for others. The Buddhist path embraces this relationship, our interdependence, on a universal level, when we say we are grasped and never abandoned by Amida Buddha’s wisdom and compassion.”

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Jōdo Wasan 82
Seeing the sentient beings of the Nembutsu
Throughout the worlds, countless as particles, in the ten quarters,
The Buddha grasps and never abandons them,
And therefore is named ‘Amida.’

CWS p. 347 –

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  I have ALS, — and I am grateful.
I am grateful to retire early to be with my family.
I am grateful I have family and friends that are so supportive and hopeful.
I am grateful I can still walk and get around.
when that is gone –
I am grateful I can still use my hands to feed myself.
When that is gone –
I am grateful I can still breathe and laugh and feel.
When that is gone –
I am grateful I had a wonderful life.
And when that is gone –

By Scott Morris

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