Doubt as Human Calculation, Part 2 By Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji

“In this episode of No Doubt, we will look at the commonly used phrase “Rest in Peace” and whether Shin Buddhists can get behind that phrase. Spoiler alert: we can’t. However, there is a much cooler phrase that I think we can agree with, which is “Rest in Power.” In the second segment, we will continue with the topic of doubt and how it is related to human contrivance and calculation.  “

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Discussed in this podcast:
Segment 1: From a Jodo Shinshu perspective, what do we think about the term or phrase “rest in peace”?
Segment 2: How doubt is encouraged as a way to get us to pursue the Buddha Dharma. (doubt is a good thing if it gets us to seek the Buddha Dharma and the truth of the Buddha Dharma)

Quoted scripture/reference:

[The Aspect of Return to this World]
(14) Second is Amida’s directing of virtue for our return to this world. This is the benefit we receive, the state of benefiting and guiding others.


[Long ago] when he left Mt. [Hiei] he secluded himself for a hundred days at the Rokkakudo [chapel] to pray concerning his next life. At dawn on the ninety-fifth day Shotoku Taishi appeared in a revelation and composed a verse for him. Straightaway he went out that dawn seeking to establish a karmic bond that would save him in the next life, and he [thus] encountered Master Honen. Just as he had secluded himself for another hundred days, rain or shine or come what may. 

Letter #3 From “Letters of the Nun Eshinni: Images of Pure Land Buddhism in Medieval Japan,” by  James C. Dobbins, Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press: 2004.

Good understanding is no understanding:
The Shōnin said, “If you think you have understood the Dharma well, you have not understood it at all. If you think you have not yet understood the Dharma, you have understood it well. If you are appreciative of Amida’s salvation, you have attained a good understanding of the Dharma. Do not think that you have attained some understanding of it.” In the Godensho it is stated, “Without entrusting to Amida Buddha’s Wisdom which you have received for yourself, how can a bombu like you partake of the benefit of attaining birth in the Pure Land?” So he added.

Rennyo Shōnin’s Goichidaiki-kikigaki

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