Doubt as Karmic Currency By Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji

“In this episode, we take a look at the Shin Buddhist (Jodo Shinshu) view on the issue of luck. How does Shin Buddhism look at such things as talisman, omamori, Greek and Chinese Zodiac, astrology, and auspicious days. In the second segment, we will look at how Shinran Shonin, the founder of this school of Buddhism, defines doubt as what I call “karmic currency.” 
Broadcast in May 2020

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Discussed in this podcast:
Segment 1: Do Jodo Shinshu Buddhists believe in luck?
Segment 2: Another feature of doubt: the recompense of good and evil – belief in karmic currency as the cause for birth (shinzaifukushin 信罪福⼼)

quoted scripture:

As a mark of increase in the five defilements,
All monks and laypeople of this age
Behave outwardly like followers of the Buddhist teaching,
But in their inner thoughts, believe in nonbuddhist paths.

How lamentable it is that monks and laypeople
Select “fortunate times” and “auspicious days,”
And paying homage to gods of the heavens and earth,
Engage in divination and rituals of worship.


There was, in those days, a person who had fallen into wrong views. He asserted that since the Vow was made to save the person who had committed evil, one should purposely do evil as an act for attaining birth. As rumors of misdeeds gradually spread, Shinran wrote in a letter, “do not take a liking to poison just because there is an antidote.” This was in order to put an end to that wrong understanding. It by no means implies that evil can obstruct one’s attainment of birth..

CWS – p.671 – Tannisho – A Record in Lament of Divergences

Also referenced: Rennyo Shonin – Read more here:

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