Tannisho, Lamenting the Deviations by Rev. Al Bloom

A lecture given by Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, July 2011 at the Buddhist Study Center in Honolulu. Subject: His encounter with the “Tannisho, Lamenting the Deviations” — a major text of Shin Buddhism.

Rev. Al Bloom is a role model to many and his contribution to Shin Buddhism has been felt on every continent. Rev. Bloom crossed over in 2017.

Rev. Al Bloom published this extremely insightful website with BSC Hawaii: http://bschawaii.org/shindharmanet/

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Further reading: Tannisho – A Record in Lament of Divergences https://jodoshinshu.faith/tannisho-a-record-in-lament-of-divergences/

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