Reading Koso Wasan [95]: On Genshin [8] with Rev. Yuki Sugahara

Rev. Yuki Sugahara reads the Koso Wasan #95 on Master Genshin.

Scripture quotes:

My eyes being hindered by blind passions,
I cannot perceive the light that grasps me;
Yet the great compassion, without tiring,
Illumines me always. [95]

Koso Wasan by Shinran Shonin (CWS p. 385)

 Each ray of light shines over the worlds of the ten quarters, embracing and never abandoning those beings who are mindful of the Buddha. 

The Sutra of Contemplation on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life [17] (TTPLS Vol 1 p. 39)

Although I too am within Amida’s grasp, blind passions obstruct my eyes and I cannot see [the light]; nevertheless, great compassion untiringly and constantly illumines me.

CWS p. 93

Although I cannot see: Although with eyes of blind passions it is impossible to see [the light].

Great compassion untiringly: The blessing of great love and compassion never wearies.

Constantly illumines me: Unhindered light constantly illumines the person of shinjin. “Constantly illumines” means constantly protects. Me: Realize that great love and compassion tirelessly and constantly protects this self. This is the blessing of being grasped, never to be abandoned. Know that this passage sets forth the meaning of the words, “Sentient beings of the nembutsu are grasped, never to be abandoned.”


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